The company provides ship repair services to leading private and public industrial companies, as well as maritime building services of these organizations. Ships, yachts, barges and all marine structures construction, repair, maintenance and project design services.

Delta-ASM Company owns the area with the workshops, offices and the storages. The overhead cranes in the workshops with the loading capacities 3.2 and 5.0 tones, machine tools, lathes of different sizes, milling machines, filing machines, slotting machines, grinding machines will help in order to implement different types of jobs.  The areas of the workshops are 1250 m2 and 320 m2. The big workshop covered by 1200 m2 concrete area. There is 6800 m2 graveled area as well.

The all spaces covered by the emergency firefighting lines which have certificates from Ministry of Emergency , and emergency generators as well. All precautions and guides about the safety and health are supplied within the area. Full area is secured 24hours/per week by the securities and checked regularly by cameras. In the evening time all area lighting systems are getting engaged.

The 4 floor office building provided with the Heat/Cooling system, big conference room,15Mbt Internet, Phone Lines and Emergency Power Systems.



5K Gazelin st. 20th area, Baku Azerbaijan


(+994 12) 565 41 25
(+994 12) 565 41 26