Ship lay-up and support services

Delta-ASM Services provides a package of cost effective services to meet the needs of ships in hot and cold lay-ups at a range of locations around AZERBAIJAN. Delta-ASMs' local expertise and contacts ensure that we provide a customized service for each client and offer the best possible service during lay-up.

When your vessel is not currently in use, it's important to maintain it in order to ensure it can quickly mobilize when required.

A lay-up period will reduce the operating costs of your vessel but you should have a plan in place with procedures to protect the vessel, its structure, machinery, ballast tanks, holds, pipelines and cargo systems.

By using Delta-ASM to oversee your lay-up, owners and operators can be assured that vessels will be well serviced with regular maintenance, inspections and regular status reports.

Delta-ASM can help with long term cold lay-ups, medium-term or warm lay-ups or short term hot layups by providing the following services:


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